Humanitarian Award

This award has been around since the 1st reign of the R.C.G.S.E. This award is awarded to an individual or organization that shows extraordinary humanism, compassion and support in bettering the community of Salt Lake.  Each year the reigning Emperor and Empress choose and individual to receive this honor.  This award will be presented at the annual Golden Spike Awards.

I1976-1977Babs DeLay
II1977-1978Rose Carrier
III1978-1979Paul North & Fred Ringel
IV1979-1980KRCL Radio
V1980-1981Thelma Ensign
VI1981-1982Nancy Kelley
VII1982-1983Bob Mandrake & Jack Nyland
VIII1983-1984John Meng
IX1984-1985Joe Redburn
X1985-1986Herman Moore (Donnie Marie)
XI1986-1987T. & Calia
XII1987-1988Sister Linda Bellmore
XIII1988-1989Julie Hobbs
XIV1989-1990Stacy Radley
XV1990-1991Horizon House
XVI1991-1992Stop AIDS - Wasatch Front
XVII1992-1993Utah Stonewall Center
XVIII1993-1994Kevin Hillman
XIX1994-1995Kim Russo
XX1995-1996Maggie Snyder
XXI1996-1997Dr. Kristen Reis
XXII1997-1998Dr. Paula Gibbs-Taylor
XXIII1998-1999Julie Mayhew
XXIV1999-2000Camp Pinecliff
XXV2000-2001Tom Taylor
XXVI2001-2002Chuck Whyte
XXVII2002-2003Todd Dayley & The Pillar
XXVIII2003-2004Michael Marriott
XXIX2004-2005Juan Lopez
XXXI2006-2007Brooke Heartsong
XXXII2007-2008Gene Patton
XXXIII2008-2009Babs Delay
XXXIV2009-2010The Utah Cyber Sluts
XXXV2010-2011Sister Dottie Dixon
XXXVI2011-2012Monique Melnychuck
XXXVII2012-2013The Utah Cyber Sluts
XXXVIII2013-2014Barbie and the Staff of the Paper Moon
XXXIX2014-2015Sisters of the Zion Curtain
XL2015-2016Legacy Initiative
XLI2016-2017Pepper Prespentt
XLII2017-2018Brandy Romero
XLIII2018-2019Kevin Ball
XLV2020-2021Michelle From Hell