The R.C.G.S.E. AIDS Fund is designed to assist those diagnosed with HIV / AIDS and the monetary obligations which occur.  The maximum amount per reign for an approved application is $500.  To apply for assistance from this fund, you must supply the following:

  1. Completed AIDS Fund Application
  2. A letter from a doctor stating your diagnosis with HIV/AIDS
  3. Copies of bills to be paid including account numbers and where payment is to be sent

Once you have provided the needed information and have submitted it the following will occur:

  1. The Reigning Emperor, with assistance from The President of the College of Monarchs, will ensure the application is correct and work with you to get any missing information
  2. The application is then turned over to the President of the Board of Directors to bring before the board for the final vote and approval
    1. All personal information will be kept completely confidential
    2. Approval is based on the application, as well as, available funding
      1. Submitted applications are not guaranteed to be approved
  3. If the application is approved the applicant will be notified and the checks will be written DIRECTLY to the creditor
    1. Checks will not be written to the applicant
  4. Checks can be mailed to the creditor directly or they can be picked up by the applicant
    1. Valid picture ID is required for all checks that are to be picked up

We strive to get the needed assistance to the applicant as soon as possible, however, incomplete forms and missing information will only delay the process.  Please double check the application for accuracy and check that all needed forms are included.

Applying for assistance from the R.C.G.S.E. AIDS Fund

To apply for assistance from the R.C.G.S.E. AIDS Fund, click on the link below to download the application.  It is a fillable document so you can download it and enter everything directly into the form.  From there you can save the form and email it to [email protected] or you can print the form and bring it to a General Membership or Board Meeting. Please remember to include copies of the bills you are submitting for payment.

You can also mail the completed application and necessary forms to the following address:

Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire
Attn: AIDS Fund Application
P.O. Box 521126
Salt Lake City, UT 84152