Board of Directors

President of the Board / Registered AgentAustyn Riley from Hell
(Durahn Rasmussen)
Emperor 34 &
Reigning EmperorDevin Aire
(Anya Passow)
Reigning EmpressKir Royale
(Philip Osteen)
Reigning Prince RoyaleRiley J Diamond Childers
(RJ Error)
Prince Royale
Reigning Princess RoyaleSapphire Rose From Hell
(Austin Slade-Perry)
Princess Royale
Reigning Crown PrinceXander Aire Riley
(Angie Flink)
Crown Prince
Reigning Crown PrincetCocktail Starr
(Russell Starr)
Crown Princet
TreasurerKolton Riley
(Kolton Nielsen)
Prince Royale
SecretaryLuna Riley Starr From Hell
(Andrew Whitmore)
Princess Royale
Pageant ChairpersonJoni
College of Monarchs PresidentBobby ChildersEmperor
Monarch Board MemberNubbs From Hell
(Kristin Tycksen)
Emperor 45-A
Monarch Board MemberAngela From Hell
(Angela Dominguez)
Empress 38
King Father of UTPepper Prespentt
(Linda Prespentt)
Emperor 1
Member at LargeRay Duncan
Member at LargeMaryann Tycksen
Member at LargeMystic ChaNel
(Mark Critchlow-Speth)
Crown Prince 43