Lifetime Titles

College of Emperors College of Empresses
Reign Recipient & Title Reign Recipient & Title
Emperor I
Pepper Prespentt
Empress I
Emperor II
Fred Ringel
Empress II
Paul North
Emperor III
Weldon Young
Empress III
Carol Martindale
Emperor IV
Joe Conti
Empress IV

Dusty LeManns

Emperor V

Krazy Pete

Empress V

Joanie Lynn

Emperor VI

Bob Stevens

Empress VI

Marita Gayle

Emperor VII

Michael Ball

Empress VII

Tina St. Clair

Emperor VIII

Alan Anderson

Autnie De’
Emperor IX

Lee Trinka

Empress IX

Annie Daniels

Emperor X

Scott Stites

Empress X

Mother Bob

Empreor XI

Robb Bullock

Empress XI

Clariss Cartier

Emperor XII

Donnie Eastepp

Empress XII

Donnie Marie

Emperor XIII

Larry White

Empress XIII


Emperor XIV

Gary Broadhead

Empress XIV

Betty John

Bruce Harmon
Empress XV


Emperor XVI

Jeff Smith

Empress XVI

Stephanie Thomas

Emperor XVII

Jeff Freedman

Empress XVII


Emperor XVIII

Marshall Brunner

Empress XVIII


Emperor XIX


Empress XIX

Marci Malloy

Emperor XX

Peter Christie

Empress XX

Sheneka Christie

Emperor XXI

Adam Ganz

Empress XXI

Tasha Montiel

Emperor XXII

Jeff Kosewski

Empress XXII


Emperor XXIII

Earl Kane

Empress XXIII


Emperor XXIV

Chris Trujillo

Empress XXIV


Emperor XXV

Rhett Larsen

Emperor XXVI

Franke Holt

Empress XXVI

Cortney Cartier

Emperor XXVII

Bobby Childers

Empress XXVII

Agness of Cheesecake

Emperor XXVIII

Mark Thrash

Empress XXVIII

Heidi Ho West Waters

Emperor XXIX

Mike Sperry

Empress XXIX

Syren Vaughn

Empreor XXX

Peter Savas

Empress XXX

Krystyna Shaylee

Emperor XXXI

Kim Russo

The Emperors Symbol ofCompassion and Truth For Life

Michael Canham

Empress XXXI

Kyra Prespentt

Emperor XXXII

Alan Anderson

Empress XXXII

Sheneka Christie

Emperor XXXIII

Tim Hile

Empress XXXIII

Ashlee Vaughn

White FirePassion Goddess for Life

Jessica Christie

 Emperor XXXIV

Austyn Rileyfrom Hell

Mistress of FireTo Emperor 34 For Life

Sherry Daae

Empress XXXIV

Paris Silver

Imperial Chum &
To Empress 34 For LifeMichelle from Hell!
Keeper of Emperor 34’sHeart For Life…For Good

Rob Dana

Thumbelina’s ImperialBlue Flower For Life


Emperor XXXV

Earl Kane

The Guardians and
of the Dream of TomorrowTo Emperor 35 for LifeBJ Olsen, Nick
Watts& Brandon Gillins
Empress XXXV


Keeper of the Empress’Brand New Light for Life

Alexis Devoe

The Protector of theLightning’s Energy For Life

Makayla Barrandey

Master of the Empress’Golden Amethyst Light for Life

Clint Higley

Emperor XXXVIMichael Bennion The Reflection of Emperor 36 Michael Bennion’s Achievments For Life

Dan Marlow

Empress XXXVI
Emily Rose
Emperor XXXVII
Nick Watts
 Sister to Emperor 37 For Life
Angela Sharp AKA Diet Coke Girl
Empress XXXVII
 Princess of Power, Love
and Strength to Empress 37 for Life Indi Skies
Sister to Empress 37 For Life

Mary Sorenson

Drake Riley
Angela Domingez
Emperor XXXIX
Nick Watts
Empress XXXIX
Emperor XL
Nathan Graham
Empress XL
Krystyna Shaylee
 The Radiant Ruby Guardsman of the Empress’s Ruby Heart for Life

Brad Earl

 The Radiant Ruby Hearted Lady for Life to Empress XL

Kymmy Shaylee

Emperor XLI
Erik Shaylee
The Rainbow Unicorn to the Jade Emperor

Salvador Evans-Tovar

Empress XLI
Kery Shaylee
 Norrie Reynolds
 The British Bitch of Style and Shade

Mike Evans-Tovar

 Maryann Tycksen