Founders Council

The Founders Council of the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire were responsible for creating the first Court System in the state of Utah.  We strive each day to remember their example and to keep their vision for the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire alive and prospering.

Bruce AllredChad Herinborg
Prince Royale I
Gordon Winklekotter
Empress V
Joanie Lynn
Thelma Ensign
Marty Pollock
Empress VI & Queen Mother of Utah
Marita Gayle
Rose CarrierCarole Martindale
Empress III
Jim Beverage
Paul Douglas
Larry Kaspar
4th Elected Empress
Lois Lane
Earl Ashley
Crown Prince IX
Mack HuntDennis Felix
Pepper Prespentt
Emperor I & King Father of Utah
Bob MandrakeLen MathesonJay Bradley
Tiffany Dawn
Henry Bender
Empress I
Terry Jones
Princess Royale I
(One Unpublished Member)