Coronation 45 Postponed

Dear R.C.G.S.E. Members, I.C.S. family, and Community,

In response to today’s press release from Utah Governor Herbert, during this evening’s Board Meeting, we voted to postpone our Coronation to September 11th-13th. We are also extending the cancellation of all in person events through June 1st. This will create an impact on how we do our Announcement of Candidates, our Elections, and our change of officers. The following plan has been put into place:

Tuesday, April 28th – Candidate Interviews:
We will continue with candidate interviews as planned via conference call with the board of directors and College of Monarchs.

Sunday May 3rd: Candidate Unveiling.
We will be posting a video/livestream of Candidate Unveiling on social media at Midnight for the entire community.

Sunday May 3rd – Saturday May 16th: Candidate Campaigning.
The candidates will be campaigning via social media and digital means from Sunday, May 3rd until May 16th.

Saturday, May 16th. Candidate Voting.
Voting will take place by email vote. To ensure that we make our community’s health our top priority, voting will be restricted to Members of the College of Monarchs, any citizens for life, and current members of reign 44. We will accept any PAID applications for membership until April 30th for the purposes of voting.

Sunday, May 24th – Announcement of Election Results.
We will announce the results of the election and will administer oaths of office and broadcast the swearing in of our new monarchs digitally.

Monday, May 25th – New Board Transition Meeting
We will elect and announce our new board officers for Reign XLV. Reign XLV’s new board will oversee any new business from this point on, with the exception of Coronation XLV. Planning for Coronation XLV will still be handled by Reign XLIV.

Friday, September 11th – Sunday, September 13th.- Coronation Weekend
Because we are unable to accommodate our 3-day weekend schedule, Coronation weekend will be set as follows:
• Friday, September 11 – PR Ball / Out Of Town Show.
• Saturday, September 12 – Coronation XLV
• Sunday, September 13 – Victory Brunch

We understand that the situation is ever-changing, and our board of directors will be constantly monitoring this situation and we will keep you updated. As always, our commitment is to our community and we believe taking these steps will put the health and safety of our community first. If there are any questions, please reach out to me directly at, or to our Monarchs at or

Vega StarrEmpress XLIII & President of the Board of Directors for Reign XLIV
Jody LaShaeEmperor XLIV
Savannah Van CartierEmpress XLIV