By-Law Changes

Proposed By-Law Changes

R.C.G.S.E. Members & Monarchs,

As per the Bylaws, Reign 45 has conducted a bylaw review.  Below are the changes that have been proposed by the Bylaw committee and approved by the Board of Directors.  You now have the next 30 days to review these changes and you will vote to approve or deny the changes at the March 9, 2021 General Membership Meeting.  As we get closer to the meeting, we will announce the voting guidelines. These changes are being proposed to make the Bylaws a more tradition document illustrating how the organization is ran and removing items that are of more of a procedural nature. We also tried to remove a lot of the wordiness and redundancies that may exist. We have added updated information we have received from the State of Utah and we are also proposing that those procedural items that are removed are put into a new Procedures document that each reign can follow each year.

As always, if you have any questions please let me know.

Austyn Riley from Hell
Regent Monarch 45 & Bylaw Committee Chairperson