Prince and Princess Royale

REIGN XLII: The Reign of Neverland Dreams

The Technicolor Prince of Purpose


Jody LaShae


The Tailor Made Princess


Mae Daye

Royal Family

Family to the Prince Family to the Princess 
Royal PrincePrince Royale 41
Kayden Starr
Royal PrincessAria Starr
Royal FatherEmperor 33
Tim Hile
Royal FatherPrince Royale 41
Kayden Starr
Royal MotherEmpress 38
Angela Dominguez
Royal MotherPrincess Royale 41
Vega Starr
Mother to the PrinceSeville LaShaeRoyal Broadway BeautySavannah Van Cartier
Brother to the PrinceTrent Van De BrakeRoyal Befringed BeautyPrincess Royale 37
Indie Skies
Sister to the PrinceChristine GibbonsRoyal ShowgirlGia Bianca Stephens
Sister to the PrincePrincess Royale 41
Vega Starr
Enchanting Fairy Sister
to the Princess
Cassie Elmer
Guardian of the Ice 101Tempest Windz-FoxxHigh-Priestess Sister
to the Princess
Maggie Knowles
Little Bear to the PrinceCrown Prince 37
BJ Olsen
First Lady of Provo Drag,
Envoy to the South
Jackie'O Starr
Consort to the PrinceMichael NorvellThe Painted Lady,
Envoy to the North
Erica D'Lynn
Golden Star to the PrinceTim NorrisRoyal PrinceBri
Northern Star to the PrinceBrandon PachecoIngenue to the PrincessOnyx
Decorator to the PrinceJill Lanagan – GupCrystal Couture Countess Crown Princess 37
Vivica Starr
Cowboy to the PrinceKristen "Nubbs" TycksenKnight to the PrincessScott