Prince and Princess Royale

Royal Family

Royal PrinceEmperor 34
Austyn Riley from Hell
Royal PrincessSophia Azul
Royal FatherPrince Royale 6
Lynn McKenna
Royal FatherEmperor 40
Nathan Graham
Royal FatherEmperor 24
Christ Trujillo
Royal FatherEmperor 13 of the I.R.C.O.N.U
Matt Buchannan
Royal MotherEmpress 16 of the I.R.C.O.N.U.
Lady Delish
Royal MotherPrincess Royale 21
Chaise Manhattan
Royal MotherEmpress 10 of the I.R.C.O.N.U
Royal MotherImperial Princess Royale 47 of Portland
Char Starr
Keeper of the Prince's Fireball and SanityMichelle from HellGood Sister Witch of the North to the PrincessSavannah VanCartier
True Beauty to the PrinceLondon SkiesVampire to the PrincessCrown Princess 37
Vivaca Starr
Keeper of the Prince's HeartMelodie BeaversWitch Sister to the PrincessGia Bianca Stephens
Princess Royale 42
Mae Daye
Partner in Crime to the PrinceJoni HolmDemon to the PrincessDick From Hell
Tanzanite Blue Sister to the PrinceEmpress 34
Paris Silver
Keeper of the Princesses SoulMorgan
Divalicious Diva to the PrinceTeinamarrie ScuderiGrandpapa to the PrincessEmperor 8 & 32
Alan Anderson
Meaning of Life to the PrinceMaryanne and KaysenGrandmama to the PrincessJoni Holm