Our wonderful court system is an international LGBT organization, one of the very few in the world. For me and many others, we are so fortunate and proud that we have chapter courts in eleven cities in the great nation of Canada.

July 1, 1867 was the day of the enactment of the British North America Act, which united three colonies into a single country called Canada within the British Empire.

Canada has so much to offer us all. When in 1969 Stonewall was occurring the laws to decriminalize homosexuality were passed through the Canadian Parliament. Canada has healthcare for all and has had marriage equality for a decade.

I most sincerely thank all of the courts of Canada and their nobles for their decades of community and charity service that has benefited so many people and causes.

On this day I especially remember the many Canadian friends what I have made in over 45 years of travel. I look forward to my upcoming states visits to: Hamilton (August 1); and Edmonton (August 22).

My thoughts on this day also are about Ted Northe, the Empress of Canada.

I am proud that the current President of the International Imperial Court Council is a Canadian, Emperor Martin Rooney of Surrey.

We extend a warm invitation to all Canadian Royalty to attend our court system’s 50th Anniversary Gala “Golden Jubilee” in Portland on October 23rd. There will be a special salute to both Canada and Mexico.

A very happy Canada Day to all. It is my deep honor to be your Queen Mother, God Bless You All.


(Posted 7/1/2015)

Rev. Troy Perry To Attend ICS 50th Anniversary Gala

It gives me great honor to announce that the Rev. Troy Perry will be our special guest at the 50th Anniversary Gala of the founding of the International Imperial Court System, to be held at the historic Governor’s Ballroom of the Sentinel Hotel on October 23rd in Portland Oregon.

Rev. Troy Perry is a longtime friend of our Founder, Jose I, and is a strong supporter of the International Imperial Court System. Rev. Perry is a gay rights activist and founder of the Metropolitan Community Church.  Troy Perry has devoted his life to helping others discover the loving and caring God to whom he has committed his life.

As founder of the predominantly-gay Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC), he watched the membership grow from 12 to over 43,000 during the 38 years he served as the Moderator of  the MCC movement and guided MCC’s growth into one of the world’s largest GLBT organizations, with 250 congregations in 26 countries.

In 1978 he was honored by the American Civil Liberties Union with its Humanitarian Award.  He has been honored by the Gay Press Association and has been honored by numerous Civic, Religious, and other organizations from all over the world.

Please join Rev. Troy Perry and courtiers from Canada, Mexico and the United States as we all come together to celebrate our Golden Jubilee.

(Posted 7/1/2015)

CourtCon 2016

The “CourtCon 2016” convention Executive Coordinator, Prince Nathan Fletcher of San Francisco was recently elected President of the Board of Directors of the Imperial Council of San Francisco and has taken on this most important responsibility. He has recommended that Emperor Ricky Matlock of Dallas, Texas now take on this important task and I have followed his advice and thus officially announce that Emperor Ricky Matlock is the new “CourtCon 2016” Executive Coordinator. He can be reached at: Rickydallastx@yahoo.com. For more information on this International Courts Convention: Facebook: CourtCon 2016. I wish to most sincerely thank Nathan for his outstanding service and leadership, and we all so much appreciate that he will continue to be on the international organizing committee.

Jose: “Hall of Fame” Campaign

I am very pleased to update you all on our ongoing campaign to get our beloved Founder Jose Julio Sarria inducted into the prestigious “California Hall of Fame.” I met with the Speaker of the California State Assembly, Toni Atkins, who informed me that she would be personally speaking with the Governor regarding the I.C.C.’s nomination of Jose. I wish to also sincerely thank Empress Coco LaChine of New York and Empress Jaqueline Dimera of Rhode Island for their continuing leadership and hard work on this project.

(Posted 7/1/2015)

Stonewall Inn (Imperial Palace of the I.C.C.) gets landmark status

The historic Stonewall Inn in New York was recently named an official “City Landmark.” This is the first time a site has been named primarily because of its significance to our LGBT history. The Stonewall Inn was named the “Imperial Palace” of our International Court System and all courts at an official ceremony in San Diego attended by the owners. Prince Tree, (I.C.C. Council member and Heir) still bartends at the Stonewall as he did in the 1960’s. Tree himself is considered by all as an historic figure and respected historian and is the Captain of the Royal Guards of the Stonewall Inn. Tree keeps a registry for all visiting nobles to sign in…and our court system logo and official photographs of the Queen Mother hangs on a wall within this historic landmark.

(Posted 7/1/2015)

LGBT Leaders and Officials to Attend 50th Gala in Portland

We will soon be announcing the attendance of some of our LGBT civil rights movement’s most well-known and respected officials who will be “Special Guests” at the 50th Anniversary Gala on Friday, October 23, 2015, in Portland. For more information: www.ICS50.org.

(Posted 7/1/2015)

Independent I.C.S. Commission

Russell Roybal, the National Executive Director of the National Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Task Force in Washington, D.C., is the coordinator of the efforts to establish an Independent Oversight Committee for our International Court System of the United States, Canada and Mexico. As you know, I just finished attending four regional summits and gave Russell my report, observations and your ideas and suggestions. Court chapters and all members are encouraged to contact Russell Roybal directly with any of your suggestions, ideas and proposals. Russell can be reached at RRoybal@thetaskforce.org.

(Posted 7/1/2015)

Golden Jubilee Couples

We are still accepting nominations for LGBT couples who have been involved in our court system and have been together for over 40 years. Six couples will be honored at the 50th Gala in Portland on October 23rd. Please send further nominations and information to: SDEmperorXL@yahoo.com.

(Posted 7/1/2015)


The Queen Mother I of the Americas will be making state visits to the following empires:

July 18 – Idaho
August 1 – Hamilton
August 22 – Edmonton
September 5 – Indiana
September 12 – Washington, D.C.
September 26 – San Francisco Ducal
October 17 – Hawaii
October 23 – Portland (50th Gala)
October 28 – Los Angeles/Hollywood

For further information or invitations for a state visit, please feel free to contact me, my 2016 calendar is already getting full. It is always my honor to visit your cities and communities and meet so many of you. God bless you all.

(Posted 7/1/2015)