Court Fundraisers

Schwans Cares – (Campaign ID 38591)

By placing an order online with Schwans, 5% of the of the sales will come back in support of the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire.  This offer is available through October 15, 2018.

There are three ways to order:

  1. Go to our campaign website and click on the Shop Now button to place your food order.
    1. Our campaign website is:
  2. Place your order by phone and provide the Campaign ID listed above
    1. Phone Number is: 1-855-870-7208
  3. Placing your order directly at and during checkout simply type in the Campaign ID listed above

How will it be delivered?

  1. For existing Schwans customers, after using one of the three ordering methods above, your order will be delivered on your existing scheduled route day
  2. For new customers, you will choose your delivery date and time during checkout
    1. Form of payment is required when placing the order online
      1. Cash, Check, EBT, Credit Card or Debit card
  3. If you are not home at time of delivery, your order will be left in a protected freezer bag at no cost to you

Smith’s Inspiring Donations

If you have a rewards card with Smith’s Food and Drug, you can link your card to the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire and every time you shop and use your card .5% of your order will be donated back to us.

Here’s how to enroll:

  1. Go to and click on Im A Customer-Want to enroll in community rewards?
  2. Log into your Smith’s Food and Drug account
    1. If you don’t have an account you will need to create one
  3. Under Find an Organization type Royal Court and click Search
    1. You may need to change the View By Type on the right to All
  4. When the search results come up you will see The Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire
  5. Click Enroll and you are done!